The purpose of Youth Program is to develop good citizenship among the youth by forming their character;

 promote their spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development, 

train them in habits of observation, obedience and self-reliance, 

teach them service, useful to the public and vocational training useful to themselves

Make them useful and helpful in community development and to help them irrespective of race, creed or colour, to become good citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, reverencing Allah, subordinating their personal interests to the welfare of others and abstaining from violence of thought, word and action.

Youth Program Sections

Shaheen Section

Age: 6+ - 11 Years
Motto: Buland Parwaz
One Unit: 24 Shaheen
Rank Badge: First+Second+Third Sitara
Highest Rank Badge: Allama Iqbal Scout Badge

Scout Section

Age: 11+ - 17 Years
Motto: Be prepared
One Unit: 32 Boy Scouts
Rank Badge: Ittehad+Tanzim+Yaqeen
Highest Rank Badge: Quaid-e-Azam Scout Badge

Rover Section

Age: 17+ - 25 Years
Motto: Service
One Unit: 32 Rover Scouts
Rank Badge: Hamdam+Istiqlal Badge
Highest Rank Badge: President Rover Scout Badge

Fellowship Programs